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What's Your Lucky Number? Like in Western culture, each number has their unique meaning in Chinese culture. Some are thought to be auspicious and some are inauspicious according to the pronunciation of the number and the similarity of it with another word. The Most Auspicious Numbers: 6, 8, 9: Six, eight and nine are regarded as the luckiest numbers in China.

All of their homophones have auspicious meanings. The number 6 pronounced as 'Liu' means smooth and well-off. So when choosing telephone numbers, people like more number 6s in it. In Chinese culture, it is associated with the Emperor of China. You can see the Emperor's robes have nine dragons and the Beijing Forbidden City has totally 9, and a half rooms.

For lovers, 99, , or roses are usually sent to present the eternal love. So when mention the number 4, the Chinese people usually associate it with death.

What's Your Lucky Number?

Another inauspicious number is seven which have the meaning of gone. So in daily life, Chinese people usually avoid to use the number. You can see that when Chinese people choose a number for their telephone, 4 and 7 are most disliked by them. Therefore, those born on the sixth of the month tend to like to take care of others.

Birthday Numbers - 7, 16, 25 - What Are Your Gifts and Talents? (Numerology Decoded)

They love to teach and guide others especially those they feel are less fortunate than them. Read more about mother symbolism. Birthday Number Analysis Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Is number six a lucky number? If you are born on the sixth of the month, then you are generous , kind and understanding. They are family oriented. They want to help others. Also, they are interested in relationships. These people would make a great therapist, doctor, nurse, or therapist.

Birthday Number 6 – Features

Happiness - is when a person feels harmony between his body and soul, as well as between himself and his environment. So, the carriers of Birthday Number 6. Individuals born on the 6th day of any month are sensitive and responsible, they always finish what they start, and that's their birthday number 6 in.

They do well in business and education. Sometimes, however, sixes can get too involved in others lives especially those close to them such as family members. Ultimately, the birth number six wants attention for themselves.

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They get upset when they do not get it. Sixes can either be the glue that holds the family together, or if he or she feels unappreciated , they can tear them apart. A birthday number 6 can be the most loving person you know but can turn on you if she feels unloved. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Birthday Number Analysis. Also, you can be scattered and lacking follow-through.

Can you move through self-doubt and commit yourself to developing — and making a living with — your amazing creative talents? With a 4, you ultimately seek a sense of stability and security. Your work is extremely important to you and yet often you must go from job to job before you settle on something. You make a superlative teacher — whether you end up being a teacher or not. Work at thinking outside of your own box. Also know that following your true passion is all-important for you because you struggle with defaulting to the more mundane or practical path rather than doing what you truly love.

Your purpose is to develop fearlessness, adventurousness, resilience, and the constructive use of freedom. Anything where you can act on your adventurous spirit is perfect.

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Just give yourself permission to experience the world before you settle down. That can come later.

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Caution: Beware of going overboard in the party scene. The 5 is the number of excess. You are destined to experience a great deal of change throughout your life. Your purpose is to develop nurturing, balanced responsibility, acceptance, service to others, and visionary pursuits.

So pay close attention and learn how to build your own business in an effective way. You can be a natural entertainer — creativity is a forte.

Characteristics of Number 6

We made a bourgeois dirt cake by frosting it with chocolate frosting, covering it in cake crumbs from the discarded cake pieces! They did this with both numbers and letters. Google Scholar. This persuasive effect stems from the need for connectedness. Karmic Number Selfishness For those with Karmic Number 19, you had great talent in your past life, which most likely led to a position of power.

Anything in the justice field is enticing. Home and family are important for you, so you might lean toward anything that enriches that aspect of your life. Is there a way for you to key into your visionary capabilities and let go of your need for control and perfection? You live mostly in your head and tend to over-intellectualize everything. Yet you can also feel the pull of your more intuitive side and be drawn to the healing arts, metaphysical thought, and self-exploration.

Your purpose is to develop your positive relationship with money, power, control, and authority. You need to key into your sense of personal power — and that will be tested from very early on in your life. Yet know that you have authority issues needing balance. You must be resilient. You must focus on your goal and move toward it with good management, organization, fortitude, heart, and most of all, integrity.

You can be successful at virtually anything for which you feel passion.

Number 6 Applique Design 6th Birthday

You feel fulfilled when serving a humanitarian service — large or small. The Master Numbers bring with them a higher vibration. So what does that mean for you on a practical level? It means that you have some significant strengths and more intense challenges.

The Master Numbers are innately in conflict with themselves. The 11 is a double 1—all about the self, creativity, initiation, independence, innovation, and self-confidence.