March 4 venus transit astrology

This NASA Scientist Is So Excited About the Mercury Transit of 12222. Here's Why

A ripe and lush full moon in Libra follows, shining a healing and harmonious light on ideals we are committed to. There is an invitation to recognize the beauty in our bonds, in our agreements. Intentions set at this time are likely to flourish, but because Mercury is retrograde in watery Pisces, avoid making specific demands of the universe or being narrow-minded in manifestation work. Focus on the greater good rather than a particular expectation or outcome. March 26 Venus enters Pisces, where she is exalted.

Our sympathies are heightened, compassion becomes more possible. With this dreamy transit, the world thrums with more romance, sentiment, and nostalgia.


On the same day, Mercury goes direct, alleviating some of the fog. Finally, right at curtain call, on the last day of the month, Mars makes an ingress into Gemini , diversifying our ambitions and opening us up to new possibilities and diverse outcomes for our best-laid plans.

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We now have an opportunity to infuse our actions with shimmering intellect and to engage in playful contemplation of many angles. Uranus will now make his official EXIT out of the sign of Aries and re-welcome his new home for the next 7 years—Taurus. Uranus entered Taurus back in mid-May of and gave us a brief preview of the next 7 year cycle.


This important New Moon will be helping to usher in all the new energies surrounding us. It will offer a special dose of intuition, insight, truth and protection as we see our way through the emotional waves of the Pisces ocean. A nice dose of opportunity will come to channel our energy into getting something important done.

Others may notice our efforts in a positive way. There is more of desire to get out there and do something for someone else. A high does of intuition is available if you can find the stillness to get in tune with it.

Despite the Mercury Retrograde in play there is progress to be made. Positive energies are now surrounding us to make beneficial changes and reform or alter negative circumstances. Keep an open awareness today with the Moon operating in her quarter phase.

Mercury Transits Scorpio December 4 - 25

Read on to learn more about the impact of Venus transit on your Venus is considered the lord of Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra according to Vedic astrology. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are the friendly planets for this beauty, when she is Venus Transits Capricorn to Aquarius, Friday, March 22, ​58 AM. Venus will be transiting in the 4th house of your horoscope. Here, Venus will bring an increase in comforts & conveniences in your life but it will.

If that was an important period of development, additional pieces of information may now be coming to the surface. With the Moon in Gemini the sign that likes to talk and think , all sorts of communications and thoughts will be surrounding us. This includes changing information and new details. Be careful of not going into over-drive with all the information in play. Time for some more super-productive energy!

Venus Retrograde in Aries and Pisces March to April 2017

Things will have the potential to go our way as action driven Mars begins working nicely with task-master Saturn. Their togetherness will be showcasing how hard work and discipline really pay off. The rays of the Sun will be helping a deep awareness shine through. A powerful day of communication, healing and insight now come into play. A planetary connection between the Sun and Mercury in mystical, healing and intuitive Pisces will give us the ability to get in touch with our feelings and positively communicate them with others.

This is an excellent transit that can help us see the BIG picture.

Here is the complete list of the most important planetary combinations taking place in March 12222

It can help us make plans and set some long-term goals into place. Planning abilities will be high — particularly in regards to business or setting up future plans. This is a combination that will always help sniff out a rat — or someone who is trying to mislead you! Suspicions might start getting aroused and new sorts of questions begin coming to the table.

Along with it comes some missing links so that the puzzle around us can finally start coming together. This is a great time to dive deep into a topic or examine something closely in order to make new discoveries. John Philip Sousa , the composer of the march. The statue of Joseph Henry , the unveiling of which was Sousa's reason for writing the march. The transit.

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The march, rediscovered in , was used to celebrate this event. Copies of the original march including all player parts published by JW Pepper in are publicly available at www. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved A Memorial of Joseph Henry.

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