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Rather than smothering your dreams, direct them with intelligence. Were you thinking of starting something new? This is the time to do it. The energy of The Magician encourages you to start fresh.

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Look around — I bet you have all the tools you need for this new enterprise. Name your goal and start listing the steps you need to get there.

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Especially important is that first step. It can be big or small — just take it! Focus on what it is you want to achieve and you can make anything happen. It will only lead you down the wrong road right from the start.

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Stay true to your plan and keep yourself focused. You can do what you need to without resorting to trickery or lies. This is a good day to give your spirit some serious attention. Take a little time by yourself to think about what it is that you believe. What do you think of the world and your place in it? What ultimately gives your life meaning? Let yourself absorb the world around you without feeling the need to jump in right away and take action. This is a better time to sit and receive than to act. Balance is being mightily realigned.

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Yearly horoscope. With your feet planted comfortably and firmly on the ground, gently close your eyes. Be the King of Coins- the wise, resilient and pragmatic leader who helps others see this is all about compromise and getting through the choppy waters in one piece. Luck in love can be matched with some fortune elsewhere in your life. This card sends the message that nothing is permanent.

Mental paradigms begin to shift. During this time, take advantage of any unexpected changes in your life to look at things from a new perspective.

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Old connections, patterns, and methods of decision-making might be open for review. Out of the chaos, a new balance will emerge.

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It might not be what you expected, but it will be just right.